Mahalo for joining us for A Zen Approach!

You would never believe how nervous I was at first when I agreed to do the Zen seminar. It’s the same feeling I get before any event I do or gig I have. It’s completely ridiculous and by now I should know it… but that anxiety always appears and the dark voice says “nobody is going to come.”

But you know what I recently discovered? My anxiety about this event didn’t linger as long. In fact, it was really only for the first day. Once I started working on it, the confidence was there. You guys! I totally know why! The Zen training!

For those who weren’t there for the second Saturday and missed what I shared… I’ve only been doing this since June. Late June. But when I became aware of how confidant I was that the seminar would help so many people it hit home that I had completely let go of any fear or anxiety! Just like that! The old Christa would have never done that. She would have overthinked it and created bad scenarios that “could happen” crazy enough to make you shrink into a corner and call it off.

That zen training and sitting in the mornings for so many weeks definitely paid off. We were at waiting list for attendees, had some great media coverage and an incredible group! Photos are posted here and here’s some of my favorites.

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2 years ago

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