Two more events locked in for 2018!

You know that feeling when all of your anxiety just releases? When you wipe the sweat off your stomach and sit down and breath out for what feels like the first time all day? (I hope you do because gosh what a great feeling).
That’s how I felt after our first-ever zen seminars in October. At first I was pretty freaked out. What if we go to all this trouble and nobody shows up? What if people show up but are not receptive to the training? What if someone gets hurt? These are little worries I always have before a big event but usually somewhere deeper I know that it’s going to be fine. How could something like this be anything but amazing!

They were so good. SO good. We got such great feedback and connections made. I hope those of you that were able to attend have been able to keep that instruction with you through this holiday season, it’s been great to hear some of you still come up!

If you wobbled, that’s ok too. Michael and the Chozen-ji will be offering this class as a monthly event for us in 2018! We will open the doors to anyone touched by cancer or any serious life struggles so if you didn’t make the last one or just want a refresher this is here for you.

The first weekend is January 20th and 21st. Time is 3PM – 5PM. We are not charging for tickets but welcome donations as the Chozen-ji (a 501c3) has hard costs for operating as the venue. Please e-mail me or use the Eventbrite to reserve your spot. Please also share this with anyone who might need it.

We also decided to do our annual scrapbook event more often as the Box Jelly has graciously offered their space for us to use! We still have plenty of supplies from the donations from our friends Melinda and Jeremi so all we need is you! The next one will be right before Valentine’s Day and I can’t think of a better gift for your loved one. Hope to see you there! Link to FB Event here.

Happy New Year! Love cw

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