Simple, Nutrient-Rich Meal Additions

There are a few simple foods that can be really helpful in adding more of a nutritional benefit to just about anything.  Getting yourself to an optimal state requires understanding what each food you consume brings to the literal and figurative table.  As you start to build your understanding of what YOUR body needs, you can look to supplement areas that need help.  Planning and using these easy nutritional additions can benefit virtually any dietary path.  For each of these foods, the brands I’ve used have almost always been certified organic AND non-GMO, as well as easy to find!  I have gotten all three from Costco and use them interchangeably or together to add to meals. They all contain the similar beneficial properties of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and low (if any) carbohydrate or sugar content.
Chia seeds (pictured) contain 3g fat, 5g fiber, and 3g protein in just a single tablespoon.  You can easily add these to salads, yogurt, cereals, and drinks.  When immersed in a liquid, they transform into a tasty, nutritious gel that adds a boba-like texture to any drink.  Many people use them in overnight “refrigerator oatmeal”, salad dressings or even fruit jams.  Out of the three listed here, I think chia seeds really stand out when added to liquid to produce that yummy jelly texture.
Flax seed, which often comes in a milled or ground form, contain 2.5g fat, 2g fiber, and 1g protein per tablespoon.  Flax seed is another easy way to add healthy fat and fiber to meals.  While I wouldn’t personally add it to a drink just based on personal preference, it can be used as an egg-replacer in many vegan baking recipes since it has a gelling effect when added to liquids.  I like its nutty and slightly bitter flavor, which make it an easy choice for salad additions or cereals as well as nutrient-packed baked items.
Hemp seed has just over 4g fat, 1g fiber, and a little over 3g of protein per tablespoon.  It has a nice buttery flavor and texture that is especially great in smoothies or soups.  Like chia seeds, hemp seeds offer a source of “complete protein”, which means that all 22 amino acids necessary for protein to do it’s thing are present.  Whether you’re following a vegetarian regime or not, that is an impressive feat!
Each of these 3 nutrient-dense options bring different flavors and standout benefits to your body while taking minimal effort to add.  Make sure you are buying a product that is JUST the seeds – no additions!  No sugar masquerading under a healthy facade of “chia granola” or the like.  There are also products that combine two or even all three of these seeds.  Try them!  Consistently eating with a purpose – healing! – is easier than you think.

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