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We talk a lot about proper nutrition when it comes to an integrative approach to cancer.  Within that, much of what we champion is plant based – but I still feel like people might not know where to start to bulk up the fruits and veggies in their diets.  Or they are daunted by the price of these items – especially organic ones.  Furthermore, what if you can’t make it to market each week to stock up?  Here are some options to aid the nutrition aspect of your treatment plan.

These are some of the farmers’ markets we’ve attended!

If you’re able to attend a market – GREAT!  Now what to look for?  Organic is ideal, but sometimes local farms will let you know that although they’re not USDA Organic Certified, they are “no spray”, meaning that they don’t use pesticides.  Additionally, if organic or no-spray is not an option, there have been studies done on the residual amounts of pesticides left on certain produce.  Here is a recent article from the Environmental Working Group on this topic – it includes lists of what you can look for and what to avoid.

Finally, if going to markets consistently isn’t an option, here are some local companies that can do the work for you (and there are even more than this – including options to ship/deliver on outer islands)!

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